Travel by Car in Los Angeles

Travel by Car in Los Angeles
By: Danielle Mandel
Stir crazy is an understatement- the past few months of quarantining have led to an immense build-up of restlessness and a desire to seek something INVIGORATING. Feeling confined to my home, something as simple as a change of scenery could rejuvenate my mind. This is where I began my exploration.

Living in Los Angeles, California, I'm used to a fast-paced city styled life, and often I find myself neglecting the great outdoor features this city has to offer- a luxury I take for granted. However, this time has allowed me to venture around LA like never before and discover some of my new favorite outdoor spots. An added bonus is the traffic-free drives that make it much more accessible to maneuver around the city.

There is still plenty to take advantage of while maintaining your safety. Below are just a few of the free things I've been doing around Los Angeles that make me feel like I've transported to a new place.
Franklin Canyon Park has become my favorite way to exercise in nature. It is an excellent hike with an even better view. Equipped with numerous trails tucked away into a canyon, it is the perfect escape for a couple of hours. For a more relaxed path, take a stroll around the one-mile loop surrounding the lake filled with turtles and ducks.
Malibu State Creek Park is another exceptional outdoor hiking opportunity. The trail leads you to the phenomenal Malibu Lagoon, and you will not be disappointed along the way- scenic pools, breathtaking views, and gorgeous volcanic rocks are just some of the wonders you will see. The rock pools are one of the main attractions where you will find people climbing and jumping in the water to cool down. 
For just a small fee, places like The Huntington and The LA County Arboretum & Botanic Garden have reopened! Get tickets online and explore various specialized landscapes such as rose gardens, desert gardens, waterfalls, and ponds. These areas provide a unique opportunity to learn more about plant collections from all over the world. Or simply enjoy the scenery and wide-open spaces that leave you feeling refreshed. 
Support your local farmers and attend a farmer's market. My personal pick is the Santa Monica Farmers Market that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. With a wide array of fruits and veggies, it is a delightful experience and a great alternative to indoor markets. You can also find exceptional deals opposed to regular grocery store prices. 
Finally, savor sunsets by the beach. Will Rogers State Beach has been my go-to spot to picnic and experience the golden hour. It is the perfect distance between Santa Monica and Malibu's popular locations, leaving this beach more open and secluded. There is truly no better way to conclude your day than by the beach.
The outdoor options are endless, and these are just some ideas of safe ways to adventure around the City of Angels. While there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future, I can note that there is a way to explore Los Angeles while maintaining your distance.
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