I am Liza Vassell, Born in Brooklyn, and culturally raised in Europe, to become one of the leading Marketing Strategists for internationally known fashion brands. Submerging myself into the European Fashion & Lifestyle world allowed me to mingle in some of the most elite circles of the Who’s Who, while absorbing new cultures and embracing the art of strengthening my perspective. 

Upon making the move to Los Angeles to open one of the leading VIP celebrity Public Relations Agencies in the U.S., Brooklyn PR, Eyeoba became a passion project that has finally become a reality. In the last year, I’ve taken the time to make this project become what I envisioned: a showcase for wellness - not what we need but what we want. I have come to appreciate how the attention to detail can make a house feel like a home, that traveling the world is a necessity, and working hard can take you places you never thought possible. I would be delighted to have you come along this journey with me through Eyeoba.

Eyeoba (EYE oh Buh) Noun

1. A royal bird from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria  

Eyeoba is a lifestyle and home decor online platform based in Los Angeles that curates, discovers and showcases elevated brands from around the world. 

These past years have been a testament that home is of the utmost importance, what we surround ourselves with, becomes a part of who we are. We want to allow our clients to find hidden treasures from around the world. Eyeoba stemmed from a passion of hosting various dinner parties & events that featured art works, glassware, and wine collected over decades of traveling. It has since grown in to a home, inviting others to appreciate the artists, gourmands, and designers that are showcased on our site.