How to Take Your Day Look to a Night Look!

How to Take Your Day Look to a Night Look!

By Jasmyn Brown


Okay, so we're all at that age where Happy Hour is no question! Regardless of how long your day was, going out with your closest friends for a drink (or two) and those really crunchy wingettes and Philly cheesesteak eggrolls is always a great idea. But how can you take your 8-hour long day look to a cool, chic night-out look? 

1. Dresses and Jumpsuits!

Since dresses and jumpsuits are literally one piece of clothing and easy to dress up or down (but in this case, let's keep it chic), taking a dress or a jumpsuit from day to night is super easy. Pair it with a nice Le Silla sandal or a cropped jean jacket! The jean jacket will give your 'fit some edge, and more room to taste test all the appetizers! 

2. Layers

Bringing extra clothing with you is such a drag. It's easier to layer and take off the clothes you don't want to wear! It also gives you a chance to be a little creative! For those of you who have a simple black blazer hanging behind your office door, use it! Depending on the style of both the dress and the blazer, this could turn your night 'fit into a success!


Do you think your day look is perfect for the night already? #Yasss. Spice it up more with your favorite lipstick! I personally love NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream collection. Their Dubai and Berlin shades are so chic, it fits for any occasion. Soft Matte lippies never dry all the way, so your lips won't get too crusty. To make your lippie of choice really pop, add a dark brown lip pencil and your favorite gloss and BAM! Chic.

Of course, go even brighter with a RED. 


Y'all see this? Literally perfect. This is a great example of an outfit that was already complete, all she added was poppin' red lipstick!

Don't forget to add your favorite statement earrings, bracelets and sparkly rings to your look! I personally love a set of gold hoop earrings. They're classics. and can complete any look.

Hey Fellas, there's nothing like a nice gold chain and your best gold watch with the authentic embellishments on the wrist band. Go hard! 

4. What Are You Holding

I just LOVE a good bag. Ladies, dust off that clutch on your closet shelf! Accessories are a perfect way the elevate your outfit to the next level. It's the cherry on top. That color-block red, white and black dress you wore to work today, paired with tan pointed pump, gold teardrop earrings and a translucent clutch with an embellished strap would definitely separate you from the rest! 

Dudessss. A man bag is all the rage! Have you heard of VALAS Los Angeles? Get with it; their bags are super cool and guess what? They're right here on Eyeoba! I'd recommend the Poet bag. Small enough to stay out of your way, big enough to keep your personals in and make a statement! You'll definitely get some attention from the ladies. ;-) 


Still need a little guidance? There's nothing better than a good visual. Check out these two vids on how to go from Biz-Casual to Night-Out Realness!: LADS and GALS.

Don't forget to snap a couple of photos of your look tonight! Use #EYE4EYEOBA & tag @eyeoba_official on Instagram! We want to see what you're working with!